Why Racial-Justice Curriculum?


California School Apologizing After Teacher Wore Blackface During Presentation
Jan. 31, 2019

A schoolteacher in California has been photographed wearing blackface to give a presentation on Central African history. The woman, who has not been named, wore makeup to darken her skin in an “offensive” attempt at “authenticity.” After an outcry from parents and students, the school’s superintendent John Huffman apologized for his “poor judgement,” local Fox-affiliate KTXL reported.

Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, Defies Calls to Resign Over Racist Photo
New York Times 
Feb. 2, 2019
Gov. Ralph Northam of Virginia, defying pleas from his own party to resign, said on Saturday that he would remain in office, and flatly denied that he had worn Ku Klux Klan robes or appeared in blackface in an image from his medical school yearbook that has upended his governorship and embarrassed his fellow Democrats.

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Why Do the Oscars Keep Falling for Racial Reconciliation Fantasies?
New York Times
Jan. 23, 2019
“Driving Miss Daisy” is the sort of movie you know before you see it. The whole thing is right there in the poster. White Jessica Tandy is giving black Morgan Freeman a stern look, and he looks amused by her sternness. They’re framed in a rearview mirror, which occupies only about 20 percent of the space. You can make out his chauffeur’s cap and that she’s in the back seat. The rest is three actors’ names, a tag line, a title, tiny credits, and white space.

That rearview-mirror image isn’t a still from the movie but a warmly painted rendering of one, this vague nuzzling of Norman Rockwell Americana. And its warmth evokes a very particular past. If you’ve ever seen the packaging for Cream of Wheat or a certain brand of rice, if you’ve even seen some Shirley Temple movies, you knew how Miss Daisy would be driven: gladly.

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